Melissa Pizarro

Tuina Medical Massage Therapist


Introducing Melissa Pizarro a Tuina therapist. Melissa received her Tuina training 1500 hours of classroom time from the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, in Roseville, MN. Currently she is completing her fifth year in the Masters of Oriental Medicine program.

Tui na [tʰwéi.nǎ) is a medical massage therapy using Asian principles including acupressure, manual muscle therapy, warm towels, guasha, cupping and ear seeds. The goal of Tuina is to encourage free flow of Chi (energy) and blood flow by manipulating the joints and soft tissue. Clients are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing. Tuina can treat the following conditions: headaches, injury, digestive issues, chronic back/neck pain, tension/ stress, and menopausal symptoms.

Tuina Special $65 reg. 85

Cupping $35 for 30min.


Hours: Sat 9am-2pm

Every other Sunday 9am-2pm

Mon 9am-2pm