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40 Day and Reset Diets
$224 – 40 Day ($280 reg)
$216 – Reset ($270 reg)

Massage Packages

We have some massage package options that can be purchased throughout the summer!

Call the office for more information! 715-386-0511

Bioidentical Hormone Testing 20% off
Perimenopausal Testing reg $300 sale $240 includes 1st and 2nd visit with Dr. Harel and lab work

Menopausal Testing for women and Hormonal testing for men
reg. $250 sale $200 includes 1st and second visit with Dr. Harel and lab work. One visit including reg $100 sale $80 recent lab work

20 % OFF New and Existing Acupuncture
New patients reg. $115 sale $92 established patients
reg, $70 sale $56

Call (715) 386-0511 for details