Re-balance your Energy

For 2017


$10 off

Regular Price: $75

60 minute session


Reiki is a hands-on natural healing using the universal life force energy flowing through all living things.  The therapist uses her hands to re-balance the body’s energy and remove blockages. Reiki aids in balancing you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

 Emily’s Hours
Tuesday   2pm-5:45pm
Wednesday   9am-12:45pm
Thursday   9am-12:45pm
Friday   9 am-12:45pm
Every other Saturday    9am-11:30pm



Early Bird Special

60 Minute Massage Monday-Friday 9am-2pm
(12:45 last appointment)
No gift certificates available for this special

$59 (Reg. $98)

Afternoon/Evening/Weekend Special

Monday-Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-2pm

60 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

$69 (Reg. $98)

Gift certificates available for purchase

90 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

$98 (Reg. $138)

30 Minute Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage

$45 (Reg. $60)

Gift certificates available for purchase

All massage specials include 15 minutes on the water bed or roller bed
before or after your massage.

You get purchase ten 60 minute massages or a total of 600 minutes,
you receive one 60 minute massage FREE!
(Massages do not have to be purchased at the same time)

Please call (715) 386-0511 to schedule your massage appointment.
For quick response, call, do not email, appointment requests.

Walk-ins accepted

Please remember to tip your therapist.  15-20% is recommended.  

Prices effective March 2, 2017

Massage Packages for 30, 60, or 90 min massage gift certificates are available at reduced rates over our advertised prices. The gift certificates do not expire and can be shared with family and friends. Gift certificates are NON REFUNDABLE but can be transferred.  Available Upon Request

Lose Weight for Swimsuit Season!

40 day weight loss diet

10% off

  • Can lose up to 1 lbs per day

  • Safe supplement diet

  • Exercise not required in first phase

  • Easy, safe, low cost

$240 – 10% off = $216

$216 will go on your vitamin punch card when you reach

$250 you get $25 off your next vitamin purchase

Schedule with Dr. Harel to start this amazing diet

It Works Body Wraps

Herbal Infused do it yourself body wrap

  • Tightens and tones skin on stomach, butt, arms, legs, and neck

  • Reduces cellulite, skin slacking, and puffiness

1 Wrap Reg. $30

4 Wraps Reg. $110

Vitamin Special

All Natural Pain Relief

   MyoCalm – Muscle Relaxant

   MyoCalm P.M. – Muscle Relaxant and Sleep Aid

   MSM 920 – Pain Relief (similar to ibuprofen)

   Inflavanoid – Anti-Infammatory

   ChondroRelief Intensive Care – Includes MSM for
pain;  Relieves arthritis, disc injury, degenerative joints

20% OFF

The opioid addiction, including pain pills, anti-inflammatories, and sleep medication, is at an  all-time high. Natural pain relievers are effective, safe, non-habit forming, and low cost. They have no side effects such as stomach irritation, drowsiness, or damage to the kidneys and liver.

Remember your vitamin punch card, and when you reach $250,

you get $25 off your next vitamin purchase!

Ask Dr. Harel for a Nutritional Consultation.  

Patients and massage clients always receive 10% off all purchases.  


Patient Appreciation Day

Established Chiropractic Patients Only

Not billable to insurance

Includes water/roller table and a chiropractic adjustment

Drawings for prizes and FREE Cookies!

Great way to maintain your
spinal health, prevent flare-ups, and control pain

Offered every third Wednesday of the month!!!