Vitamin Special

20% off

Multigenics Chewable Multi-vitamin


Great tasting vitamin and mineral supplement which features a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and mineral amino acid chelates designed for excellent nutrient bioavailability. Great for children and adults!

Ask for your vitamin punch card!

After you spend $250, get $25 off towards your next supplement purchase (purchases accumulate).

Metagenic supplements are tested for quality and quantity, they receive the highest grade for vitamin testing.


  Re-balance your Energy


$10 off

Regular Price: $75

60 minute session

Reiki is a hands-on natural healing using the universal life force energy flowing through all living things.  The therapist uses her hands to re-balance the body’s energy and remove blockages. Reiki aids in balancing you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

 Emily’s Hours
Tuesday   2pm-5:45pm
Wednesday   9am-12:45pm
Friday   9 am-12:45pm
Every other Saturday    9am-11:30pm

Want to lose weight?

40 day weight loss diet

10% off

  • Can lose up to 1 lbs per day

  • Safe supplement diet

  • Exercise not required in first phase

  • Easy, safe, low cost

$240 – 10% off = $216

$216 will go on your vitamin punch card when you reach

$250 you get $25 off your next vitamin purchase

Schedule with Dr. Harel to start this amazing diet


It Works Body Wraps

Herbal Infused do it yourself body wrap

  • Tightens and tones skin on stomach, butt, arms, legs, and neck

  • Reduces cellulite, skin slacking, and puffiness

1 Wrap Reg. $30

4 Wraps Reg. $110

Patient Appreciation Day

Established Chiropractic Patients Only

Not billable to insurance

Includes water/roller table and a chiropractic adjustment

Drawings for prizes and FREE Cookies!

Great way to maintain your
spinal health, prevent flare-ups, and control pain

Offered every third Wednesday of the month!!!